General information

  • You can checkout online 24 hours a day.
  • In order to receive the order, it is necessary to specify the telephone number of only Ukrainian telephone service providers (we can not call the customer who is not in Ukraine on the numbers of foreign operators).
  • When ordering, you can leave a comment for the collector, both to each item of the item, and to the order as a whole. In the comments you can order the collector's call during the collection of the basket. Issuance of orders containing products of category 18+ (alcoholic and tobacco products) is carried out only upon presentation of documents confirming the age of the Customer (passport or driver's license).
  • The packaging photo presented on the site may differ from the actual packaging. For more accurate information, always pay attention to the actual packaging. If you need more information about the product, please contact the manufacturer or write in the comments to the order you need clarification.

Return of goods

  • When you receive an order, you can always give up any delivered goods in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on Consumer Rights.
  • According to the Law of Ukraine, we will not be able to effect the return of excisable goods: alcoholic, tobacco products - even if these products are of proper quality.
  • Superfresh products: cooking, fresh meat, fish, fruit-vegetables, non-vacuumed sausage or delicatessen products - are checked in the presence of courier. Return is possible if the goods are verified and due to inadequate quality is immediately returned to the courier.
  • According to the Law of Ukraine on the protection of consumer rights, the return of goods is possible only with the preservation of Checks and spoiled goods.

Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights"

Resolution on the implementation of certain provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Rights Protection"

Changes to the order

The number of added items can not exceed 3 units. Please report changes as soon as possible.

Changes to orders are accepted:

  • in order with delivery to 18:00 - until 09:00 of the current day;
  • in order with delivery at 22:00 - until 13:00.

Commodity prices

  • Prices for goods in the online store are the same as on the shelves of the supermarket, where your order is collected, but the basket is collected and carried through the cash desk always on the day of delivery, so the actual amount of the order may differ if the price of your chosen goods has changed.
  • Prices for products in the online store include VAT, with the exception of the tobacco group.
  • Upon receipt of the order you receive a fiscal receipt of the supermarket, confirming the value of the goods.
  • You will be notified of the change in the value of selected goods by SMS or phone call.
  • Prices and availability of goods in the hypermarket may vary, so the actual amount of the order may vary, especially if you chose to deliver the next day. If the price changes by more than 5 lei for one position, or the change in weight of the Goods sold by weight is more than +/- 200 grams of the weight specified in the order, the Collector will inform about it. The total amount of weight goods may vary depending on the product itself and the characteristics of its packaging in the hypermarket.
  • Discount cards of supermarket chains do not apply when placing an order on the website of the online store. All discounts and promotions valid in the supermarket are also relevant for the online store.

Courier delivery

  • Courier delivery provides delivery of the order to the door within the selected time window. Delivery to the door is possible only with a working elevator in your home. In case of its absence or breakdown, the cost of delivery includes a surcharge for the rise. The size of the surcharge is calculated depending on the weight of your order and floor. You can check the cost with the contact center operator.
  • In case you cannot guarantee your presence during the entire time window, please contact the contact center operator.
  • Schedule delivery windows can be viewed by clicking on the timer in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Delivery to the area of ​​the area and the suburbs of Kiev: see page Delivery Map

Before delivering your order, we must confirm with you the address and terms of delivery:

  • for orders with delivery by 6:00 pm - by 9:00 am of the current day;
  • for orders with delivery until 22:00 - until 13:00.

Cost of delivery

  • Shipping cost depends on the shipping address.
  • The minimum cost of courier delivery in Kiev is 69 UAH.
  • For non-cash payment shipping cost: from 82.80 UAH.
  • If the courier arrives at the client's address twice in the same time window, the client pays for each delivery (the possibility is agreed individually).
  • You need to make several separate orders (for different checks), but you want them to be combined into one delivery. When making a delivery consisting of several, but not more than three, orders for one address, for one delivery window and from one store, the cost of delivery will be calculated as for one order, also includes the total weight for all orders. If you need to arrange delivery, which consists of four or more orders, the cost of delivery will increase by 10 UAH. for each next order, and the recalculation of the cost of weight will be carried out according to the tariffs specified above.

Delivery of heavy orders

When placing an order with a total weight of more than 40 kg, an additional commission of up to 22 UAH for each 10 kg excess will be charged.

Volumetric units of goods

Example: 50l basket, eaves for baths, sleds are delivered on individual conditions.

Order cancellation

  • The courier service reserves the right to cancel the order in case of impossibility of its delivery (floods, earthquakes, cataclysms, difficult transport situation in the city, or if the address of the delivery point is in an area that cannot be reached by car closer than within 50 meters). In case of cancellation of the order, the Client can repeat the order on the website.
  • We reserve the right to inform clients about the cancellation of orders by SMS message (maximum 2 hours before the end of the selected delivery window).
  • If we are unable to contact you, the company reserves the right to transfer your order to the next delivery window or cancel it.
  • You can cancel the order or transfer it to another delivery window after placing it, by calling the contact center at (044) 232 97 82.

In this case, changes to orders are accepted:

  • for orders with delivery by 6:00 pm - by 9:00 am of the current day;
  • for orders with delivery until 22:00 - until 13:00.

Closing delivery windows

Sometimes delivery to the selected window is not available. In this case, you will see on the main page the mark "Loaded" for this delivery window. We apologize if you intend to make an order, and delivery for the time you need has been closed. At this stage, this is the only opportunity to provide a decent level of service for already completed orders in case of peak demand.

Delivery by Nova Poshta

General information

All Zakaz.ua customers of the Auchan network can use a convenient way to receive an Order at the nearest branch of Nova Poshta.

In the cities of Ukraine, only individual goods presented on the site can be delivered by Nova Poshta, which include non-food products and products with a shelf life of more than 30 days that do not require a special temperature regime.

In the city of Kiev, all goods presented on the site can be delivered by Nova Poshta.

Delivery time of the order for cities of Ukraine 1-3 days.

Delivery time of the Order in the city of Kiev is 1 day (during the day).

Delivery of the Order is carried out exclusively to the Nova Poshta branch. Delivery by courier to the recipient’s address or using an automated post office is not available.

Delivery cost by Nova Poshta

Delivery cost within the city of Kiev up to 20 kg (inclusive) is free.

Delivery over 20 kg is from 22 hryvnia and varies depending on the weight and dimensions of the Order, which will be formed for sending by Nova Poshta.

The cost of delivery to the cities of Ukraine (except Kiev) is from 72 hryvnia and varies depending on the weight and dimensions of the Order, which will be generated for sending by Nova Poshta.

The exact cost of collection and delivery will be indicated when placing an order on the site. Payment for the services of the company Nova Poshta is carried out by Zakaz.ua. In turn, compensation for the cost of delivery of the Order by Nova Poshta is included in the total cost of the Order.

It is necessary to pay for the Order with a bank payment card on the website after receiving a link to pay for it and before sending it to the Nova Poshta office.

Receiving an order

An SMS message will be sent to you about the arrival of the Order at the Nova Poshta office.

The sent Order will be stored in the Nova Poshta department for 5 calendar days.

The sent Order in Kiev, which contains products with a chilled or frozen temperature regime, will be stored in the Nova Poshta department, to which the Order is addressed, until the end of the Nova Poshta department on the current day of delivery.

To receive the Order, it is enough to have with you the number of the express waybill, the original passport of a citizen of Ukraine / foreign passport or a phone number with the number indicated in the express waybill.

1) If the order is not received by the Client at the Nova Poshta office within the specified storage period, the order will be considered completed. In this case, the cost of the ordered goods and paid delivery services are not refundable.

In the event that the Client, for personal reasons, cannot receive the shipment on time, he can contact the Zakaz.ua support line to agree on the conditions for extending the storage period at the Nova Poshta office.

2) If the Client refuses to receive the order due to damage or inconsistency in the content of the received shipment, the order is considered unfulfilled. In this case, the cost of the ordered product is refunded. Partial order cannot be collected.

3) If the order is found to be damaged after receiving it, the Client can contact the Zakaz.ua support line to resolve controversial issues.

4) If the Client cannot receive the order in person, he can order a change in the recipient's data.

5) If the Client cannot receive the order at the Nova Poshta office specified in the order, he can order the redirection of the order by paying the cost of all delivery services associated with the redirection of the order.

Items that cannot be exchanged or returned

According to Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights", the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a list of goods of good quality that are not subject to exchange or return. These products include:

  • feather and down products;
  • soft toys for children;
  • children’s toys, rubber inflatable;
  • gloves;
  • tulle and lace fabrics;
  • underwear;
  • bed linen;
  • hosiery;
  • printed publications;
  • disks for laser read-write systems;
  • goods for newborns (diapers, nipples, feeding bottles, etc.);
  • personal hygiene products (for example, epilators, electric shavers, hair clippers);
  • food products (baby food, etc.).


  • In cash upon receipt of the collected basket, based on the total amount of the order by check.
  • According to the legislation, the amount of cash payment for one day may not exceed 50,000 (fifty thousand) hryvnias).
  • Please check the correctness of delivery immediately in the presence of the courier.
  • Bank card: when calculating online on the site.
  • If you choose the delivery time with a time interval of 07:00-08:00, the order must be paid before 22:00 of the day preceding the day of delivery. If payment is not received at 22:00, the order will be automatically transferred to the next delivery slot.

    Pay by bank card on the site can not be for excisable goods (alcohol and tobacco products). You can arrange such goods in a separate order and pay in cash.

  • Bank transfer: pre-payment. You deposit money via wire transfer to bank account. Then your order may be delivered on a day of confirmation.
  • If you need to get your delivery promptly, you need to make payment on time (until 16-00 the day before delivery), so that we were able to form and deliver your order. Otherwise, if the payment is received after 16:00, we will not be able to make your delivery in the selected time window and will have to cancel it. The invoice will be sent within 24 hours.
  • Alcohol and tobacco goods are not available for orders by organizations paid via bank wire transfer.
  • A pre-paid amount must be used within 92 days after transfer.

Order processing and paperwork when paying by bank transfer

The procedure of payment using bank cards and online payment systems


We commit to collect for you the freshest and quality products that are in stock. Your personal collector is interested in fulfilling your instructions as accurately as possible.

More on assembly

  • Your order will be packed in packages of the selected network, which are paid separately. Household chemicals are packaged separately.
  • Depending on the order quantity and categories of selected items, your order will be packaged in one or more packages (their value is added to your order)..
  • During transport, frozen and chilled products are stored in thermal boxes, in which the temperature required for the products is maintained.