Somersby Cider with Bilberry Juice 4,7% 0,5l

500 ml
24.70 UAH

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Sparkling cider ""Somersby"" with blueberry juice. The alcohol content is 4.7% vol. Somersby refreshing apple cider is made from apple juice by natural fermentation. Moderately sweet, Somersby has a fresh, harmonious taste. Better with ice. Somersby is a successful European brand with products in more than 30 world markets, in particular in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Belgium and Finland. The drink is ideal for relaxing with friends. An intense and refreshing Somersby cider apple balanced by a fruity blueberry flavor. Pleasant sweetness and slight sourness for the most refreshing drink.

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drinking water, apple juice concentrate, glucose-fructose syrup, blueberry juice concentrate, natural aroma "blueberry", citric acid, grape skin extract

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    "carlsberg ukraine" pjsc
  • Volume
    500 ml
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