Spring Drops with lemon birch juice 300ml

300 ml
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Birch sap strengthens the immune system, normalizes heart function, acts as an anti-inflammatory tonic diuretic. It is useful for brain function, stimulates kidney function, strengthens the strength of those with lung diseases, arthritis or bronchitis, has the ability to dissolve urinary stones of phosphate and carbonate origin in the bladder, kidneys and liver. It has the ability to cleanse the blood and remove toxic substances, normalize the microflora of the stomach and improve digestion. Birch sap will take excess acidity, a deficiency will give, increase the body's resistance to colds, infectious and allergic diseases. Also, birch sap acts as an anthelmintic and diuretic. Ingredients: organic birch juice (99,90%), fresh organic lemons (0,42%) acidity regulator - citric acid (E330).

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birch sap, lemon, citric acid

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    300 ml
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    12 months
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