Pyriatyn King of Cheese with Baked Milk Aroma and Taste Sliced Cheese 50% 150g

150 g
38.90 UAH

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The familiar and beloved taste of baked milk is embodied in the "King of Cheese" cheese from TM "Pyriatyn". The "King of Cheese" contains a large amount of useful vitamins and microelements, which makes it an irreplaceable product in the human diet. Cheese "King of Cheese", like all products of TM "Pyriatyn", is made from natural cow's milk without adding any compounds harmful to health - vegetable fats, preservatives, antibiotics, and the like. Thanks to its unique taste and aroma of baked milk, the King of Cheese cheese will perfectly complement your favorite dishes, become a delicious ingredient for sandwiches or decorate any table in a cheese plate. The "King of Cheese" hard cheese is also sliced in a 150g package.

Sliced cheeses have many benefits:

  • using sliced cheese saves a lot of time;
  • packaged cheese is convenient for travel, even for long distances, and for picnics, where there are no conditions to cut it;
  • sliced cheeses have convenient packaging that is easy to open and close, which gives an additional opportunity for the product to remain in comfortable temperature conditions, not spoil in and store its taste.

Nutrition facts, 100 g

  • Calories
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Carbohydrates

General info

  • Brand
  • Manufacturer
    pypyatynsky dairy plant
  • Weight
    150 g
  • Country
  • Fat content
  • Shelf life
    4 months
  • Storage temperature

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